gDiapers Disposable Inserts, Medium/Large/X-Large (32 Count Bags, Pack of 4)

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Tuck in a disposable insert and baby is good to go.View larger Anatomy of a gPant.View larger gPants and disposable inserts make a great pair.View larger Thanks For Being Here… For looking with your keen eye down the conventional diaper aisle and choosing to go another route. A diaper may be small, but the changes

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Tuck in a disposable insert and baby is good to go.Tuck in a disposable insert and baby is good to go.
View larger Anatomy of a gPant.Anatomy of a gPant.
View larger gPants and disposable inserts make a great pair.gPants and disposable inserts make a great pair.
View larger Thanks For Being Here…

For looking with your keen eye down the conventional diaper aisle and choosing to go another route. A diaper may be small, but the changes add up in a big way. Use gDiapers disposable inserts inside gPants, reusable diaper covers.

Why gDiapers? Every time a disposable diaper is changed it gets thrown in the garbage. That’s over 27 billion diapers that head to US landfills every year. Or more than 4 million tons.Nothing truly biodegrades in a landfill. But every time you change a gDiaper, you have a choice. You don’t have to throw it all away. gDiapers gives you options for disposal. Flush, compost, or toss. gDiapers disposable inserts can be home composted (wet ones only, please) and break down in 50-150 days.Conventional disposable diapers do not breathe. This is the leading cause of diaper rash. gDiapers are made of breathable materials, which helps keep diaper rash at bay.Plus, gDiapers disposable inserts are the only diaper to be certified Cradle to Cradle. It means that everything that goes into our disposable inserts have met 19 human and environmental health criteria and have proven to be re-absorbed back in to the eco-system in a neutral or beneficial way. How to Use gDiapers

1. Pick a gPant. Any color will do. 2. Tuck in an insert. 3. Close tabs around the back. gDiapers are reusable diaper covers with disposable inserts made of cellulose, fluff pulp, and super absorber. Disposable inserts can be flushed, composted (wet ones only, please), or tossed. When the insert is soiled, simply remove from the gPant, dispose, and tuck in a new insert for a fresh change. Use the same gPant through multiple changes. Change out the snap-in pouch when dirty.

What You Need to Use gDiapers

All you need to use gDiapers are gPants and inserts. If your baby is on the way, the newborn bundle is the perfect place to start. It has just what you need to get going with gDiapers for a brand new baby. If your baby is already here and bigger than the newborn size, we recommend 6-8 gPants in each size. You can buy them individually to hand-pick the colors or prints that you want, or you can choose a bundle for extra convenience.

gDiapers, like any diaper, need to be changed every 2-3 hours (or sooner, if using cloth inserts). A case of disposable inserts will last about 3-4 weeks if used exclusively. The disposable inserts are great for babies with sensitive skin who may be prone to rash in other diaper options. Cloth inserts are also available. They work really well as doublers for when you need extra absorbency. If you plan on using the cloth inserts for regular use, you should have 18-24 inserts per child (or more to go longer between laundry).

Product Features

  • gDiapers are reusable cotton diaper covers with disposable inserts that have multiple disposal options
  • Flush, compost (wet ones only, please), or toss
  • gPants are made of breathable materials so babies are far less likely to get diaper rash
  • gDiapers Disposable Inserts are the only diaper to be Cradle to Cradle certified, which means they go back to the earth in a neutral or beneficial way
  • Size M/L/XL fits into size medium, large, and extra large gPants


Caroline Orloff "gMom, AP-er & EC-er" says:

Best of Both Diapering Worlds – Disposable & Cloth We have been using gDiapers for our 7.5 month old little girl since she was under a month old. Yes, there was a learning curve but once we became adapt at using the gDipes, it’s been smooth sailing with minimal leaks even when she has blowouts, and no clogged toilets.We have more than the recommended number of gPants, per the gDiapers website and as such, always have a stack readily stuffed by her changing table. We like having the convenience of a disposable with the flushable. If we are unable to flush it, we can toss it and know that it will degrade unlike regular plastic disposable/chlorine-free diapers – we also compost her wet flushables. We do flush the poopy flushables and know of parents with septics tanks that also flush these.The cotton pants are just so adorable and you can get more colors and now, new designs directly from will advise any parent that wants to give this a shot, to join the gDiaper yahoo group. There are…

William Gilmyers says:

gDiaper System is great My wife and I have been very pleased with the G-Diapers system for our first child. It’s nice not having to constantly buy (and dispose of) dozens of diapers every week. While the gBaby Bundle only comes with the disposable type inserts we also bought a few packs of the reusable kind and have used them almost exclusively for the first 4-weeks or so our daughters life. So far so good, no problem with leaks or spills.Here’s what my wife and I bought:1) gBaby Bundle (Recommend) 2) 4 packs of the small (8-14lbs) (Recommend, could probably have gotten by with 3 packs, put this allows us a little more time between loads of laundry).3)1 box of the gDiapers gCloth Liners, 105 ct. 1 box will last about two weeks, I’d…

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